Freight Broker Expert

Freight Broker Expert

If you’re working in the trucking industry, you’ve probably seen freight broker training programs advertised recently. More and more dispatchers and drivers are undertaking freight broker agent training. In doing so, they are doubling their income and their free time.

But just what is a freight agent? Essentially, a freight agent is the middleman who connects a shipper with a driver. In doing so, they allow the shipper to sell their products across the world while providing drivers with additional work. For their service, the freight broker takes a percentage of the money exchanged between the two parties.

Through my top freight agent broker training program, I have trained countless freight broker experts. Here are five ways my course can help you lower transportation costs and make money as a freight agent.

More Independence

If you’ve been relying on a third party to help you ship goods or secure driving work, you’ve probably been giving that third party a significant chunk of your earnings. As the preeminent online freight broker trainer, I can help you cut out that middleman and become your own freight agent. This will not only save you money but give you more control over the work you accept.

Mode Shifting

When you become a freight broker expert, you’ll be able to identify the most pressing cargos. If you are dealing with a load that does not necessarily need to be delivered as soon as possible, you can utilize mode shifting. Mode shifting involves finding an alternative form of transport for that cargo, which may get it to its destination a little later, but for a much more affordable price.

Risk Identification

With your experience in the trucking industry, you’re undoubtedly more adept at determining potential transportation risks. Unstable or uninsured vehicles, for example, can lead to severe expenses in the event of an accident. As a freight broker, you’ll be able to guide clients away from high-risk scenarios and save everybody money in the long run.

Finding Reliable Drivers

Trucking is a tight-knit community. After years in the business, you have likely developed a network of reliable drivers. These are names you can call upon as a freight broker. The skill and dedication that earned them your esteem will certainly lead to swift deliveries and reduced travel costs.

Maximizing Truck Load

If you are familiar with multiple truck models’ cargo capacity, you can draw on this knowledge as a freight broker. With your experience, you’ll be able to identify when a truck’s capacity is not being fully utilized. If the opportunity is there, you can add an additional load and complete two deliveries on a single journey, cutting expenses in half.

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My freight broker agent training program is second to none. With my unsurpassed knowledge, I’ll help you become a freight broker expert and set you on course to doubled earnings and halved workloads.

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