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Hire employees across state lines or in Canada without the cost, time and admin. HR Options takes care of the entire employment process so you can focus on building your best business.

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Billing is monthly; you don’t need a credit card to sign up. You’ll only be charged once you’ve paid your new team member. Hire employees across state or province lines in the US and Canada without the associated cost, time, and admin. HR Options takes care of the entire employment cycle so you can focus on your business.

Hire Remote Staff

Stay compliant with local laws and reduce the time it takes to hire, pay and take care of your team.

from $349* per

employee / month

  • Hire employees in all 50 states and Canada in minutes
  • We process payroll for all your employees that have “moved away.”
  • No need to register your business, we take care of it.
  • Pay your team automatically.

*Prices vary. Price quoted is for a $50k salary and does not cover employer costs such as taxes and benefits. Billed bi-weekly.

Hire Employees

Hire employees in all 50 states and Canada without opening an entity or worrying about payroll, taxes or local laws

from $349* per

employee / month

  • From $349 per employee, per month.
  • We take care of payroll, tax fillings, expenses, and more.
  • We give your team a competitive, localized benefits package
  • By becoming an ‘Employer of Record’ we hire the employee for you and make the process extremely smooth

*Prices vary. Price quoted is for a $50k salary and does not cover employer costs such as taxes and benefits. Billed bi-weekly.

We Own Entities In All 50 States and Canada So You Can Hire Without The Cost, Time and Effort

To hire a remote employee, you need to open a local entity where they live. This takes a long time, costs a lot of money and creates ongoing admin as you navigate local benefits, payroll, taxes and compliance. Your business can also get into some trouble if you don’t properly comply with local laws.

We handle the entire local employment process, taking care of all the compliance, payroll and HR admin, while the employee works for your buisness just like the rest of your team.

We Handle The Compliance

We take care of everything to ensure you’re compliant with local requirements including taxes, social security, minimum wage, termination requirements, and more.


Airtight employment

We ensure that you are compliant with local laws, and protect your business from unnecessary risk.


Streamline your documents

We collect all the tax, permit and compliance documents that you need to ensure your team are set up to work compliantly wherever they live.

It's our liability, not yours

When you hire employees with HR Options, we take on all employment liability to make sure you’re compliant with local laws.

Payroll With Zero Effort

HR Options Does It All. You Do Nothing.

Reduce the time you spend on setting up local payroll and paying your team. We take care of everything, so you can focus on your business.


Simple, Easy and Fast

Our cloud-native proprietary system, HoneycombHR, is a breeze to use for employees, supervisors, and your finance team. From time collection to timesheet approvals to invoicing, the workflow is seamless to you. Add stellar tech support to that. 


One Platform, Many Advantages

Along with all the features you should expect like paperless onboarding and web timesheets, HoneycombHR offers you and your team unique, value-added features such as live net check estimates prior to timesheet submission, expense and mileage reimbursement processing, secure document sharing and messaging.


Cost Accounting Made Easy

If you need to allocate hours worked to accounting ledger codes or keep track of hours per project or any criteria, HoneycombHR is your answer. Your team can tag hours with unlimited ID’s (codes) for any purpose and add detailed notes per timespan.

An Exceptional Team Experience

Give your team the freedom to move, live, and work anywhere without a worry. We’ll ensure they have an exceptional experience with a localized benefits package in their state or province.


Provide exceptional benefits

Whether working in Canada or Jackson, Wyoming, HR Options provides competitive employee benefits, like health insurance, based on location.


Manage expenses, bonuses, time off and more

Pick from competitive healthcare options.  We manage all the benefits administration, so you don’t have to.

With HR Options Payroll Solution, you can:

Onboard your team with ease

Our proprietary software platform will get your employees on board in minutes. The smooth user experience comes standard with a highly responsive, personalized user support team.

Approve Timesheets at Your Leisure

Your employees will be able to submit time 24/7 from anywhere. You are notified when time is ready for your review/approval and from there you are just a click away.

Enjoy Worry-free Year-End Processing

Since HR Options is the Employer Of Record (EOR), we absorb all employer liability and assume all year-end employer duties and responsibilities. You don’t need to do anything or worry about tax reconciliations or distributing employee W2 Forms (US) or T4 Forms (Canada). It is all transparent to you.

Mike Barr

Center for Youth Wellness, United States

HR Options has done a superb job in helping us to recruit for these specialized positions that are critical to our success. And, HRO’s hourly fee structure has saved us a significant amount in recruiting fees.

Florence Del Carpio

O’Reilly Media, Canada

We had people onsite who we felt may not qualify as independent contractors. We didn’t need them to become permanent employees. We needed a middle ground.” O’Reilly continued to use the same workers – but they became employees of HR Options, so their employment was fully compliant. HR Options pays these employees from its own payroll and handles onboarding, benefits, HR support and termination.

Why HR Options?

Scale with Speed

You can use workers for any amount of time your business needs. 

Stay Compliant

You don’t have to worry about audits, back taxes and penalties. You don’t need to add headcount. 

Avoid Administrative Burden

Save time and energy, we’ll handle all the administration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Employer of Record?

An Employer of Record or EOR is an employment services provider that serves as the employer for tax, tasks and liabilities purposes. 

Can you handle benefits and other compensation requests?

Yes. HR Options is a full service HR and Payroll provider with 35 years of experience in Canada and in the United States.

Do you handle offbarding i.e. termination, severance, etc.?

Yes. As the employer of record, HR Options handles all employment-related activities directly with the employee.

How quickly can I onboard personnel?

Our online onboarding process is seamless and fast. From the time we receive the go-ahead from you, we can have your worker active in a day or two.

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