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HR Options, was founded by Gordon Lovett and Miles Miller in 1984, following successful business ventures including Bay Nurses, Bay Printing, Bay Temps and Bay Personnel, dating back as far back as 1984. Under Gordon’s leadership, the company has grown, prospered and evolved through multiple economic downturns in its 35-year history.

Our decisions are guided by a set of principles that have remained intact throughout the years. Our core values are simple, applicable and non-negotiable. We believe in loyalty, humility, common sense, kindness, accountability, creativity and grit. We apply these principles in our relationships with our employees, clients, vendors and strategic partners alike. We are humbled by, and sincerely grateful for the many extraordinary client and employee relationships we have been fortunate enough to build and strengthen over the years, some of which have lasted for decades.


The year it all clicked

Bay Temporaries, a family owned business with a commitment to quality, service and developing long term relationships with clients and employees, was founded to serve Bay Area,   local retail, day-to-day temporary staffing needs.


Forging Ahead

From the Bay Temporaries root, HR Options (HRO) is formed to serve the unique speciality temporary Outsourced Employment Service market.  Capitalizing on our staffing expertise but now focused upon referral and on-site employment needs of clients.


HR Consulting Services are added

HR Options, responding to the request of our client base, opens our US Consulting Division serving the local Bay Area with outsourced Human Resource Consulting Services and augmenting HRO’s growing employment services offered to our clients.


HR Options is trusted by remote teams from all over

HR Options answers the Canadian marketplace demand by opening the Canadian Division of HR Options designed to service the US cross border Canadian Outsourced Employment needs and Canadian Human Resource Consulting needs.


Developing for the future

Responding to the growing digital HR marketplace developments and capitalizing on 30 years of payroll experience, HR Options sets the course for the future by privately funding, designing and developing a new fully mobile and web based HR Platform, HoneyCombHR.


HR Options

HoneyCombHR, as a full spectrum HR application and platform designed to serve an array HR needs and requirements (Payroll to Consulting), and having been tested and implemented in the United States and Canada, is ready for official roll-out and sets the future direction for HR Options both in the United States and Canada.

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