3 C’s to A Successful Freelance Career

The work landscape has changed and freelancing is more popular than ever. Not only is there more money to be made in freelancing than ever before, but it can also give you flexibility in your schedule, the ability to select the projects you’ll work on, and choose the clients you’ll be working with.


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The work landscape has changed and freelancing is more popular than ever. Not only is there more money to be made in freelancing than ever before, but it can also give you flexibility in your schedule, the ability to select the projects you’ll work on, and choose the clients that you’ll be working with. However, knowing your way around this ever-growing industry is essential to succeed.

Without knowing your way around, this industry can eat you alive, and you will freefall to your failure. Sounds scary, right?

Well then, let’s get down to business! Today, we will discuss the THREE Cs you should focus on to be a successful freelancer.


As a freelancer, you have the option to be picky with clients. However, before you can choose, you need to have a vast network and know of potential clients for your products and services. Networking can give you many advantages that will help you in the long run.

Through the networks that you have built, you can also establish your credibility. The more people who can attest to your work, the more credible you will be in your industry. Through this, you’ll be able to find your next clients, or even better, they will be able to find you!

You’ll also meet other people who share the same interests as you. As professionals, you can exchange knowledge and tips with each other to help you both succeed in your field. It is also a great way for you to stay updated about the industry that you are in.

Being up to date with the latest news can help you decide on the next step to upgrade your projects and career. It will give you information on what the market wants nowadays or the latest trends that you need to be aware of so you are not left behind.


Having clear communication between you and your clients will help you work efficiently and save time. This translates to having more time to work on other projects, having happier clients, and earning more money.

Establish the Preferred Communication Channel

Using your preferred communication channel will help you communicate better with your clients. Some are more comfortable with email, while others prefer a Zoom meeting. You may consider your client’s preferences as well. To be more organized, it is best to come up with a schedule on when and how many times you need to communicate project updates, so your clients know what to expect beforehand.

Get Details in Written Format as Much as Possible

Once you and your client have agreed on the project’s details, documentation should always be completed to make things official and have something to go back on when facing any issues in the future. These details should be agreed upon in an email or chat communication, but most especially in the contract that you both will be signing on.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask Questions

Don’t just nod your head and say yes all the time. Ask when you do not understand and clarify when things are not clear enough. This will save you and your clients the extra time in revisions that could have been avoided in the first place. Your clients will trust you to do another project for them because you understand what they want from start to finish.

Voice Out your Opinion

Doing exactly what your client wants is one thing, but suggesting something to improve the result is another great thing you can do for your client. If you see something that you know could be enhanced or be done differently, offer your advice. Of course, be professional and polite at all times so they won’t feel offended or disrespected. And when they ask for your opinion and feedback, give some, because more usually than not they are happier to hear something from you than nothing at all.


Being a freelancer doesn’t mean that you do everything, every time, all by yourself. You don’t ALWAYS have to be a one-person show. Connecting with other freelancers can benefit your business in several ways.

No need to rush on your projects anymore. Too many things to do, so little time. You can collaborate with other freelancers when the project you’ve accepted is too big for you to do all by yourself.

Are you in such high demand that you’ve been turning down new clients? Well, think again! Some projects call for different skill sets that you might not have. And that’s okay because someone out there can help you out.

You see, there are a lot of benefits to doing collaborations with fellow freelancers. But before pushing through a partnership, ask yourself. What do you need to know when collaborating? Well, here are some things you should know.

Collaboration Agreement. Just like when you’re working with a client, you also need to set expectations when working with other freelancers. The rule of thumb is if it’s work-related and involves other people, always get it in writing for everyone’s protection. Get each other’s terms and conditions and meet halfway if your ideas clash with each other. Respect the agreement so that both of you will feel comfortable with the collab project that you are working on.

Do not micromanage! Treat your collaborators as your equal. You are not their manager, and they can walk out that door. Treat them how you want to be treated. We know you don’t want someone hovering over you when you are doing your tasks, right? Collaboration is meant to make things easier and fun for everyone, so keep doing your tasks but help each other when needed or asked by the other person.

Be Flexible. You know the drill. Freelancers are usually not working on a fixed schedule, so respect that. Stick to the agreement that you both established together. Make sure to set deadlines for each other’s tasks even before you start the project. This is so you both know when to expect the other to finish their specific duties. Be mindful of the other projects that you both are doing outside of your collaboration project.


Being a freelancer means constantly learning to give better results to your clients. Network as vast as you can so that you can meet more clients and fellow freelancers who can help you out with your projects. They can provide you with precious knowledge that you don’t know yet.

Collaborate not just for your benefit, but also for the benefit of the other person that you are working with. Learn from each other and if things turn out well, continue working with them in the future. And never forget that communication is vital, whether you are dealing with your clients or with your fellow freelancers.







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