Human Resources

and Your Business

Taking care of your employees and keeping them engaged with the company should always be a priority in every business. By doing so, they will be more productive and will keep your company in reaching its goal and delivering a world-class service to every client.

A great human resource is a way to do those things because their responsibilities are mainly employee-focused. Having a trusted HR team is an advantage and will take off worries from your head.

Let’s get some preview of what this series can help you with when it comes to your Human Resource needs.


A Human Resource (or HR) personnel is a professional who is in charge of keeping the employees engaged with the company and making sure that they are working in a safe environment.

They are responsible for monitoring the well-being of each employee and help in resolving issues that can distract them from their daily tasks. Tasks like payroll, training, hiring and onboarding are just some of the things they cover.

You could have an in-house HR or you could hire from a third party to perform HR tasks for your company. In some cases like expanding business overseas, you can have both the in-house and hired HR for the employees overseas.


A growing business would definitely have more needs to keep on growing and a trusted HR team could help with that. They help with hiring more employees that can help with the company’s growth.

Your HR would also be making sure your company is compliant with the legal and government requirements so your business can keep on functioning smoothly.

Training and seminars would be scheduled for the new and existing employees so everyone would keep developing their skills for their assigned tasks in work.


Just like how technology and society evolves, your company should also be evolving too and be up to date when it comes to the digital world. You shouldn’t only upgrade your hardwares and softwares but your process and people should also be keeping up with these changes.

Your HR in that case should be able to know what changes should be made to be at par to this digital era. But it is not just the changes with technology that should be taken in consideration but also the current situation that is affecting the whole world as of the moment.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused huge changes for everyone everywhere so businesses are forced to make adjustments to still keep on track somehow. Work from homes are implemented widely to abide with the quarantine regulations and to keep everyone safe from the virus.

But even before this pandemic, work from home has been a trend in the workplace for its benefits to the company. Having the flexibility on their schedules also helps employees to be productive and efficient.

Other trends you should be considering as well would be hiring outsourced talents like freelancers or consultants to have the job done without the long-term employment commitment with them.


Every company has their own unique needs and requirements so the way to approach the HR needs would also depend on those requirements.

Those needs and your current company status would be the deciding factor in getting either an in-house HR, hire a third party or get both at the same time.

In making the decision, you should consider your budget, hiring needs, compliance requirements or the company’s expansion plans to other countries if there is. Keep you options open and see where your company will benefit more from.


These guides we created are for those start-up businesses who need to know how and where to start with their HR plans. This series is also for businesses who are continuously and steadily growing and are in need of new HR ideas to keep up with their growth. And lastly, this is also for businesses who are trying to adapt the new normal in their workplace and let everyone continue with their tasks as much as possible.


The guides we prepared in this series are meant to give you lots of information regarding human resources, it’s functions and how they help greatly to your company’s success.

With that, we recommend that you read the whole series to get all the details you need and help you thoroughly with your HR matters.

We made sure that every guide was packed with information that could help you in deciding the kind of HR setup you need in your business and to also assist you in adapting the new normal we are all in right now.


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