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The hiring process is often stressful for managers looking to fill positions quickly but still onboard the most qualified candidates. Time crunches lead to reactive recruitment in which the search for candidates only begins once there is an immediate need for a new staff member. To avoid any wrong hiring decisions, practice proactive hiring by planning far in advance and instilling long-term solutions.

Recruitment can come both internally and externally. Internal recruitment can save time and lower uncertainty since you are already familiar with the individual taking on the role. However, it can stifle growth, innovation, and diversity. External recruitment brings new people with fresh ideas and promotes innovation. However, it can be expensive and time-consuming to find the right fit. Below we describe different types of recruitment processes in more detail. 

Direct Advertising

Directly advertising a new job involves posting the application on different job boards, social media sites, and industry publications. These include popular sites such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, to name a few. Posting on job boards allows for increased exposure and an opportunity to brand your company as a great employer. Conversely, external advertising can be costly. Popular job boards typically charge for postings on their sites, and boosting your post to reach a larger pool or be at the top of the search list comes at an extra cost. Additionally, if you do not target your postings well, you can receive a large number of unqualified candidates or not receive enough exposure and not receive enough applicants.

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Internal Promotions

Promoting internally means existing employees are used to fill vacant positions within the organization. This involves moving that person up the ladder, giving them more responsibilities and typically a pay increase. Internal promotions are a motivating factor for many employees looking to advance their careers. A similar internal recruitment process is transferring employees horizontally into different roles across different departments within the company. By utilizing existing employees, you can save time and money.

Employee Referrals

Employee referrals are a mix of internal and external recruiting. It involves leveraging internal staff member recommendations to hire new talent. Most companies already have an employee referral process in place. The HR department communicates with the employee doing the referral to learn more about the potential new team member’s qualifications. The process can be very productive and effective in bringing in new people while saving money and essentially filtering out unqualified candidates right away. There is more established trust, and the person will likely be familiar with the organization already from word-of-mouth.

Recruitment Agencies

Outsourcing is another recruitment that is typically utilized by companies wanting to hire externally. An agency will be responsible for the full cycle recruiting process allowing the internal HR team to focus on more pressing matters within the organization. While this option can be expensive, it is recommended for positions that are harder to fill. External recruiters have a more comprehensive network and can better target specific candidates you want at your company. Recruitment agencies are also utilized by organizations that do not have the internal HR capacity to devote extensive time and resources to the hiring process.

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Recruitment Events

Recruitment events are popular among large organizations planning on expanding their operations and looking to onboard several people in a short period of time. Recruitment events can range from career fairs at colleges, industry job fairs, or even hosting “open days” where potential applicants can come visit the company. If you plan on using recruitment events for hiring, it is necessary to assign someone in HR to attend and organize these events. It is also essential to keep in mind the exact type of individuals you want to target and plan/attend events that are the most relevant to your needs.


The five examples above are only a few of the different recruitment processes available to companies looking for new talent. It is essential to know precisely the type of person you are looking for and target your efforts to make the hiring process efficient, rather than a haste decision based on filling an immediate need. Regardless if you’re looking internally or externally for new employees, make sure you have a clear strategy moving forward. If you are unsure of which option is best for your company, contact HR Options!

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