Outsourcing Online Employee Training To HR Services Providers

Employees who have more knowledge and skills tend to be more motivated and productive when it comes to their jobs.


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Investing in your employees’ development is one of the best ways for your company to grow as well. Employees who have more knowledge and skills tend to be more motivated and productive when it comes to their jobs. They would most likely provide innovative ideas that can help your company succeed sooner or later.

What is Employee Training and Development?

Employee training and development improve and upskilling your employees to get more knowledge and skills to use in their day-to-day job. This field of HR isn’t just all about training or seminars. It also includes performance assessment and employee performance-records maintenance. 

Here are some other under employee training and development:

  • Access to employee performance-management technology, including online/onsite supervisory HR training and eLearning, and employee development tools
  • Employee performance goal management
  • Streamlined performance review processes
  • Ongoing performance feedback
  • Identification of employee competencies/skills gaps
  • Staffing management
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) program implementation

How Employee Training Benefits The Entire Business?

If you think this training only benefits your employee, well, here is the truth: it directly helps the whole business if your employees develop into better versions of themselves. Through this training program, your employees will gain new skills and be updated with the latest industry standards.

Employees do also gain confidence and be more capable if they improve and have a steady growth. They also give more satisfactory results when doing tasks assigned to them. You will also see motivated employees with high morale if they are confident in their skills and knowledge.

Now, since your employees are getting the benefits of their training, what do businesses gain? For one, your employees stay and become top talents, which also means reducing the company’s turnover. You can also achieve higher profits if your employees give excellent customer service.

You can also save some money when your employees take regulatory, compliance, employee safety training, and lower risks in the organization. And with teams that are sharper and stronger due to their recent performance developments, they may also think of solutions to existing problems or think of innovative new products.

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What to Consider When Outsourcing Employee Training?

Traditionally, people from your organization do the training of new and existing employees. But one good reason why you should outsource this training is to get professional people who have more experience and knowledge to handle the job and let your HR people focus on other important stuff. Apart from that, you can save time and money in the long run. But before you go and hire firms to take on the job, here are some things that you should consider first.

Services Needed by the Company

Since employee training and development is a vast field itself, you need to know what services you need under it. It could be that your company only needs the training program that facilitates the training and provides the materials required. You may also need someone to do the performance assessment of your employees as well. Make an initial assessment of what your company needs and make it your basis when hiring a firm.

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Preferred Type of Training

There are various types of training that you can choose from, and you need to pick which is best for your employees and yield the best results at the end of the day. 

  • Classroom or Instructor-Led Training Materials – This usually involves PowerPoint presentations, videos, DVDs, handouts, and other valuable resources that can be purchased or created for delivering classroom training
  • Computer-Based Training – It is classroom materials but is computer-based. It is interactive and usually contains tracking software for the results of quizzes and such.
  • Online or E-Learning – It is also like computer-based training but could be accessed through the internet. You can set the limit of accessing the training materials within the office network or be accessed externally so long as there is an internet connection.
  • Outside Consultants/Professional Trainers – You can hire specific professional speakers in the training topic your employees will be getting. This is a human-to-human interaction between your speaker and employees, which could be advantageous when asking follow-up questions.
  • Off-Site Conferences/Seminars – This is where you send your employees off-site to attend conferences and seminars. This could cost more and time-consuming, but your employees can create a more comprehensive network and learn from other people as well.

Budget for the Training

Knowing what training services you need and the type of training you want your employees to have, you will learn how much it will cost you to cover everything for your employees. Is it within your budget, or should you consider other alternatives? This is a question that you should ask yourself to figure out where you are financially. But keep in mind that these training sessions are investments that you should make to let your employees reach their potential and be more valuable to your company’s success.

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Training That the Firm Can Offer

It would be best to get all the services you need from one provider. You’ll usually get more savings through this, and the process would be more straightforward as well. You won’t need to contact two different firms when assessing and training your employees. No need to worry as most firms can already offer you all the services you need, so what you’ll have to think about now is who can provide your requirements best out of them all.


No matter what type of training you want your employees to undergo or what they need, make sure to choose a firm that can provide these services with their utmost best. Choose also based on where your employees could gain more knowledge and new skills. Support them throughout their learning process, and you can guarantee that at the end of the day, they will help the company attain its goals and be a successful company in the future.

For over 35 years, HR Options® has provided highly personalized solutions aimed at identifying and filling supplemental human resource needs for clients throughout the U.S. and Canada. Whether augmenting your HR department or serving as a complete outsourced solution, our suite of services and experienced professionals will help you navigate through complex and ever-evolving employment regulations in the US and Canada.

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