Top 4 HR Service Delivery Trends for 2021


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Over the past few years, HR delivery services have evolved significantly. Innovative products are changing the status quo for large and small organizations alike. Technological advancements and fundamental changes in employer attitudes regarding HR flexibility are transforming the landscape. Furthermore, the 2020 pandemic significantly contributed to shifting the way people work and what services are necessary to keep operations running efficiently in the digital age. Let’s take a closer look at the top four HR service delivery trends in 2021.

Digitization & Automation

The first and perhaps more noticeable change is the mass migration of HR towards digitalization and automation. HR self-service departments are becoming more widely adopted with the shift to work-from-home operations. Paper-based departments are quickly becoming obsolete since some remote employees have even moved to entirely different cities, given the new flexibility. Furthermore, any repetitive steps in HR work are being automated to allow employees to focus on other tasks. Both digitalization and automation have proven to increase efficiency within most departments. By sharing information and processes via cloud services or online databases, HR services can be readily available to employees regardless of their physical location.

Communicate Effectively and Frequently

Mobile HR

In line with digitization and automation is the transition to mobile HR services. Employees can now have download apps to clock in and out, request time off, and keep track of their benefits. This is especially useful for remote employees or “gig” workers who have no physical contact with the HR department. Using mobile services does involve taking a closer look at security and privacy protocols but is well worth the investment. While employers previously saw mobile usage as distracting, it is a useful, intuitive tool to leverage to streamline HR services today, especially among millennials. Essentially HR is now available to all employees at any time for quick and consistent communication.


By making HR services digital, there is more room for the personalization of services. Social media networks such as LinkedIn can be leveraged to provide employees with specific education, coaching, and guidance based on their individual needs. Relevant articles and new processes can quickly be delivered to the right person via apps or websites that analyze and report their current development. Furthermore, the shift in working conditions allows employees to create their preferred work environment from their home’s comfort. By personalizing HR services for employees, they can become more productive on their terms.

Communicate Effectively and Frequently

Focus on Analytics

Data and analytics are repeated trends in HR services. Vast improvements in tracking technology allow for an abundance of data on employee habits and HR needs. HR departments can now track employee growth in terms of training and development, and companies can pivot delivery methods based on automated feedback. It is vital to measure the data that will make a real impact on HR rather than just collecting a large amount of data and not being reactive to the information. Additionally, software advancements can offer new solutions to training delivery, and employees can give survey feedback regularly. The focus on analytics has led to a need to have more data-oriented HR professionals who can leverage the new information to improve the department.


The shift to technology-dependent workplaces has affected HR service delivery in many ways. More changes are likely to come since the way people work has likely changed for good. Most changes are based on digitalization that can optimize services across the board. These are just a few trends emerging in 2021. To learn more about innovations in HR service delivery, contact HR Options!

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