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The oldest Gen Z graduated college in 2015, with many more to graduate over the next 5 years. Companies like Deloitte, Microsoft and Lockheed Martin are recruiting high school students for paid internships. Companies like Facebook, LinkedIn and VMware have already recruited high school students for internships now, and jobs after college. This new generation of workers are bringing several new ideas with them. They are more entrepreneurial, less focused on money, and more inclined to work from home. Here are some of the most important things an employer should know about working with the youngest age group entering the workforce.


According to a worldwide study from Millennial Branding and Randstad US, strong leadership is what over 50% of Gen Z thinks is the most important quality in a company. This group seeks leaders who are honest, have strong integrity, and have a clear vision of what is expected. Unlike previous generations, Gen Z views leadership as a privilege – not a right. Management must be prepared to work hard to prove their integrity and trustworthiness with this group. Transparency from leadership and the goals of the company are key to this generation.


Because they grew up in a generation of technology overload and total social mobility, this generation has no interest in the traditional work week. They don’t need to be bound to working in the same place, or the same way every day. It is less about an office space, and more about the work and quality of work they are doing, than the people they work with. They place importance on the quality of talent they work with, not the location.


Unlike all previous generations, Gen Z possesses the most entrepreneurial spirit. Don’t mistake that the majority of them want to start their own business, but rather, they want to focus on driving results and seeing a purpose for tasks aligned with their job. They need to see the big picture, and be able to connect the dots between their day-to-day tasks and the objective of the company.

This generation will work harder than their predecessors, but don’t expect them to work in a need-to-know vacuum.


Although it may seem counterintuitive to a generation that grew up with text messaging, video chat, and social media, this generation prefers face-to-face interaction with their management and leadership. They are looking to make more personable connections for mentoring, coaching, and guidance.

Finding a balance for Gen Z to want an unstructured, work-from-anywhere job, with face-to-face leadership is something that should be worked out to keep a balance of this generation’s goals, and the company’s goals.


Gen Z wants to establish career paths and goals much earlier in their life. Unlike Gen Y who seemed to always be looking for the next best job they can leverage for more money, Gen Z want to accomplish things earlier in life to be more competitive later in life. Gen Z wants to work fewer jobs, and with fewer companies in their lifetime. They want a company that will challenge, respect, and promote them for hard work – all in an effort to maintain longevity with one company for a longer period of time.

This overall attitude of trust, dedication, being mentored, and establishing longevity is a significant diversion from the most recent generation that came into the workforce. It would seem that it’s time to prepare for this potentially strong workforce now, to ensure success in your company for years to come.

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