A simple, flexible and compliant way

A simple, flexible and
compliant way to
employ part-time and
temporary workers

     Rick Thorpe


O’Reilly Media is a 340-person digital media company with a network of experts who share their expertise
on the company’s online platform and live conferences.
Like many technology and creative businesses, O’Reilly relies on part-time and temporary workers for
projects, to provide unique skills or to augment staff when there is a lot of work.


HR Options’ Outsourced Employment Services gave O’Reilly the middle ground it was looking for.
O’Reilly continued to use the same workers – but they became employees of HR Options, so their
employment was fully compliant. HR Options pays these employees from its own payroll and
handles onboarding, benefits, HR support and termination.


Here’s why Outsourced Employment Services are a great fit for O’Reilly:
– O’Reilly uses the workers they want, when they want them
– The workers are employed in full compliance with the law, including California’s new ABC test
– O’Reilly doesn’t worry about audits, back taxes or penalties
– O’Reilly does not have to add headcount when it needs additional workers
– HR Options handles all of the administration

“We are always really happy with HR Options,” Florence elaborated. “They make the process easy.”

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