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Introduction to HR Options

At HR Options, we are your dedicated HR business partner, mastering the art of handling complex HR challenges, particularly in navigating the intricacies of employing workers in the US and Canada. Our 35 years of seasoned experience positions us as a beacon in the industry, offering a spectrum of workforce solutions tailored to the diverse needs of companies, regardless of their size.

HR Consulting and Management

HR Consulting: With a deep understanding of the modern workforce, we provide strategic HR consulting to guide businesses through their most critical HR challenges. Our expertise ranges from organizational development, performance management, to comprehensive compliance and regulations advisory.

HR Management: Our HR management services are designed to lift the burden of HR administrative tasks from your shoulders, enabling you to focus on core business operations. From talent acquisition to employee engagement strategies, we cover all aspects of HR management with a keen eye on enhancing productivity and employee satisfaction.

Our Specialized HR Services

Cross-Border Employment Solutions: Navigating cross-border employment can be daunting. We simplify this process, allowing for smooth business expansion into Canada by managing all employment administration and assuming liability risks as the employer of record.

Managed Contingent Workforce Services: Our solutions in managing contingent workforces offer flexibility in meeting the dynamic needs of businesses. We manage independent contractors, rehired retirees, or project specialists efficiently, ensuring optimal support staff availability.

Comprehensive HR Solutions

  • HR Outsourcing
  • Employee Benefits and Payroll Services
  • Recruiting, Staffing, Training, and Development
  • Performance Management
  • Workforce Planning and Talent Acquisition
  • Organizational Development

At HR Options, we are equipped with the latest HR technology and software, facilitating seamless HR operations and analytics. This technological advancement supports our mission to provide efficient, effective, and personalized HR solutions.

Why Choose HR Options?

With a legacy of issuing over 300,000 paychecks and 40,000 year-end tax forms, our track record speaks volumes of our dedication and commitment to our clients’ success. We pride ourselves on our ability to save millions in avoided penalties and administrative costs, proving our efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Whether it’s optimizing your workforce, navigating cross-border employment, or managing a contingent workforce, HR Options is your go-to HR partner. Our personalized service, coupled with our compliance with Federal, State, and local regulations, ensures a convenient, immediate, and flexible solution tailored to your unique needs.

Partner with HR Options Today

If your business is in search of a dedicated HR partner that can navigate the complexities of HR management with ease, look no further than HR Options. Our comprehensive services, seasoned expertise, and commitment to your success make us the ideal choice for companies aiming for growth in the US and Canada.

To explore how we can support your business, or to learn more about our wide range of services, we warmly invite you to reach out via our website or contact us directly at our offices in Concord, California, or Markham, Ontario. Experience the unparalleled value of partnering with HR Options, and join the hundreds of companies that have trusted us for over three decades.

Hr Company

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