HR Options recruited 10 essential positions

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HR Options recruited 10 essential positions

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Center for Youth Wellness is a 40-person nonprofit dedicated to revolutionizing pediatric medicine and transforming the way society responds to kids exposed to adverse childhood experiences and toxic stress.


“When I joined Center for Youth Wellness in 2017, we had a staff of 30 and a single person for HR,” explained Mike Barr, CFO and VP Operations for the organization.

“70% of our HR needs are recruiting. But with our internal HR resource, recruiting was very passive and not well orchestrated. I knew we needed to get beer at it – and we needed a recruiting expert who would be much more focused on our needs.”


Center for Youth Wellness determined that an outsourced, team-based approach to HR would be more effective for the organization since a single HR generalist did not achieve the nonprofit’s objectives.

“I decided to outsource all of our HR,” Mike explained. “I was looking for a full package including recruiting and HR support. I called HR Options because I had worked with them in the past at a tech company and had a very positive experience.”

“Our nonprofit
saved over 50%
versus contingent
recruiter fees.”
– Mike Barr


“We now have a lead recruiter, who’s fantastic, along with a senior consultant who handles HR administration.” Mike said.

“Our recruiter, Zoya, is very thoughtful and articulate about our business. She does a fantastic job with sourcing. She does a great job with phone screening. When a candidate gets to me, they have been well veed.”

“HR Options is very responsive and flexible,” Mike elaborated. “Zoya is very responsive to our hiring managers and willing to customize her role for each position that she recruits. For example, some hiring managers want to conduct the first screen, while others want Zoya to do it. I love the fact that she’ll work the way each manager wants her to.”

HR Options has helped Center for Youth Wellness to recruit ten essential positions, including:

  • Chief of Staff
  • Chief Medical Officer
  • Science Writer
  • Marriage and Family Therapist
  • Communications Manager
  • Institutional Giving Manager

“HR Options has done a superb job in helping us to recruit for these specialized positions that are critical to our success,” said Mike. “And, HRO’s hourly fee structure has saved us a significant amount in recruiting fees.”

Learn more about how HR Options’ pricing model works

HR Options recruiters charge on an hourly basis while most contingent recruiters charge a fee of 20-25% of the first year’s salary.

Typical recruiting fees for a manager with a $100,000 salary:

For most searches,
HR Options saves
clients money
while delivering
excellent candidates and service.

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